Automation and Superfluous Employment: Authorized Causes of Termination (Part 1)

Christian Andrew Labitoria Gallardo[1] and Atty Juan Miguel de Leon[2]

We all had to make hard decisions in life. Mr Krabs had to spend his beloved first dollar on a soda during a hot summer day to avoid dehydration. Mowgli had to leave the jungle to be with his fellow humans, including his mother. On a personal note, I had to decline the very tempting offer of a Tudor Big Rose as I have to prioritize my legal studies.

Similarly, in an organizational setting, employers sometimes have to let go of employees even those that are doing well in their work due to business necessity; either because of financial constraints, automation or simply because the job function is already being phased out due to unexpected changes in the market. Now the question is: Is it legal, especially if the employee is thriving well in the workplace?