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Ignorance of the law excuses no one from compliance therewith.  (Article 3, Civil Code)


Neither the ongoing pandemic nor the global economic slowdown is a valid excuse to violate the law. 

Yes, we do understand that times are hard. Almost everyone is into belt-tightening mode and saving-up for contingencies and more challenges ahead.  We also understand that everyone has been advised to socially distance and refrain from attending mass gatherings, including seminars and conferences.


However, these survival and health precautionary measures are not valid excuses for not seeking quality and timely information and advice from reputable private lawyers and government agencies in charge of implementing the law.


It is for these reasons that we came up with an affordable and reliable online group legal coaching program that would help everyone remain 100% compliant with existing laws and frequently-changing regulations; thus, avoiding costly mistakes, unnecessary lawsuits, and government sanctions. 

We like to refer to our legal coaching program as the "Netflix of legal webinars."

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Greatness waits for no one



so while you’re home or at the office practicing strict social distancing, I'll make sure you still get the training certification you need to advance in your career. I'm taking my signature 


online, letting you develop your full potential without having to leave your house or office.

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Modules will soon be available

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