More than Just Humours: Intervention Protocols inside the Workplace

CAL Gallardo; Paladins of Law

In 1348, the king of France asked the professors for their advice as the plague approached the royal capital. The professors combined medicine with astrology and claimed that the air of the Earth was overheated due to the “conjunction of the planets Mars, Saturn and Jupiter in the zodiac sign of Aquarius”, which in turn impels the “black bile” to dominate other fluids of the body.[1] Well, I do not know what this meant but the implication was that when medieval doctors referred to a pestilence, they often did not mean the disease itself, but the “poisoned air that engendered the disease in human bodies”.[2]

That might sound unreasonable but to be fair to them however, medieval physicians do not have the same equipment as our modern scientists. In fact, they all thought that all sicknesses come from the imbalance of the so-called 4 “humours” or fluids of the body, which are namely black bile, yellow bile, phlegm and blood, each of which corresponds to a certain “temperament”. I know what you are thinking- this sounds like a crossover of 20th Century Studios Pixar and Pixar’s Inside and Out. How creative.