Expanding the Hippocratic Triangle: The General Principles of DTI-DOLE JMC 20-04-A

CAL Gallardo; Paladins of Law

When we hear the name Hippocrates, the first thing we remember is the Oath taken by doctors upon passing their board exams. True enough, Hippocrates is a physician by profession. In ancient Greek society however, every discipline, including medicine and science, was linked to geometry and philosophy. It is not surprising to learn therefore that aside from developing a code of conduct for physicians, Hippocrates also developed a “Hippocratic Triangle” in understanding the relationship of “the disease, the diseased person and the physician”. Since this is not a philosophical article, let us be content in knowing that the geometric representation summarizes the principle that a physician deals not only to a body but to human life as a whole.

Okay… How does this relate to DTI-DOLE JMC 20-04-A?