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Mini-MBA on Labor Relations Management

September 20 – 21, 2018

(Thursday & Friday)

8:30 AM to 5:30 PM


Meralco Avenue & Sapphire Road

Ortigas Center, Pasig City


877-6502 | 832-1409

370-9961 to 63

(Globe) 0917-3257870 (Smart) 0919-6142598


The specific objectives of this 2-day unique fun-filled learning experience are:

  • For the participants, to have better awareness of the realities and intricacies of labor law and labor-management relations in the Philippines, particularly in the industry where their companies or businesses happen to belong to;

  • To understand why workers form and join unions, why they file labor complaints against management, and why they have resentments and grievances against their employer, as well as why they were granted the rights to self-organization, collective bargaining, peaceful concerted activities, such as strike, and freedom of expression, among others;

  • To recognize that there are “rules of the game” in labor-management relations, to analyze these rules, and thereby become better “players of the game”;

  • To comprehend labor law and jurisprudence (i.e. Supreme Court decisions), and apply such comprehension in effectively dealing with employees, their leaders or union, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), and other regulatory agencies;

  • To acquire working knowledge about the legal and documentary requirements of “security of tenure”, especially on aspects of “substantive and procedural due process” and in gathering “substantial evidence” in disciplining and terminating erring employees, whether or not they are union leaders or members;

  • To improve their skills in supervising and instilling as well as maintaining effective progressive discipline in the workplace (unionized or not); while at the same time avoiding, if not, minimizing risky, costly and time-consuming illegal dismissal and other labor disputes;

  • To appreciate the different scenarios that can result from a protracted and festering labor dispute: win-lose, lose-win, lose-lose, and win-win; thereby encouraging strategic, creative, practical and open-minded thinking in negotiating and dealing with workers, their leaders or union;

  • To be inducted into the “D.O.C.U.M.E.N.T. Your Good Faith” approach as part of a “WIN With INtegrity (WIN-WIN)” strategy in dealing with labor concerns, issues, grievances and disputes, including unionization, building on a strong solid legal foundation and framework ,as well as on the ancient wisdom of Sun Tzu, the legendary general and author of the classic The Art of War.

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