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What's Labor Law Made Easy?

Atty. PoL's Labor Law Made Easy

It's the personal blog of Atty. PoL Sangalang, the Partner-Founder of the Paladins of Law, which he is hosting as a Facebook Page.

News, opinions, articles, memes, videos, infographics, websites, blogs, references, seminars, events, announcements and other topics related to Philippine labor and employment law are curated and re-posted in Labor Law Made Easy for the information of the public and its followers.

It's an advocacy on awareness and education about labor and employment law with the primary objective of making this often difficult subject matter easier to understand and apply in the workplace. The blog caters to both employers and employees.

Atty. PoL also gives FREE legal advice on common issues and concerns related to labor and employment law. It's part of his outreach and contribution to society.

To avail of his free legal advice on the subject matter, send Atty. PoL a private message at Labor Law Made Easy. Here's a link to his Facebook Page:

It might take some time before Atty. PoL could read and answer your private messages. However, you have his assurance that he will personally read them and provide you with answers.

Please LIKE and SAVE Labor Law Made Easy. It would be greatly appreciated if you can also give it a great REVIEW. Thank you!

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